Budgeting for Film and TV Productions

Whether you need a revamp of your existing budget, want to assess the feasibility of your project, or require a budget developed from the ground up, we are here to provide expert assistance.

Our process begins with a thorough breakdown of your script, accompanied by a detailed report containing notes and questions for discussion. We identify potential issues, propose script modifications to enhance production feasibility, and use a collaborative approach during our discussion to understand any specific requirements or restrictions you may have. This allows us to tailor the budget accurately to your unique vision for your production.

Following this initial phase, we create a comprehensive shooting schedule, incorporating crucial details such as cast day out-of-days. This schedule serves as the foundation for developing your detailed budget.

With an understanding of UK unions like Equity, Pact and Bectu we ensure that your production adheres to the industry standards.

Once the budget is crafted, we will invite you to review each line item in detail during a collaborative session. This provides the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments before finalising the budget, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your vision and meets all financial considerations.